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Revista Publicando

revista publicandoREVISTA PUBLICANDO is a publication issued by Corporación Educativa SER. It was founded in 2014 as a result of the First Course-Workshop" Publicación en Revistas Indexadas" in Quito, Ecuador.

Its main objective is the divulgation of original material, and of academic quality, mainly of research and review articles, reviews and essays in the area of social sciences, with particular emphasis on the groups of applied social sciences (pedagogy, library science, administration, international relations ...), and those that have to do with social interaction (such as sociology, economics, and political science).

The journal is aimed at researchers, professors, and authors interested in understanding the social from these disciplines and their interdisciplinary cross-linking.

Publicando accepts contributions in Spanish and English; it has a quarterly frequency and is published at the beginning of each period (January, April, July, October). More on the FREQUENCY OF PUBLICATION.

All our content is freely accessible. The articles are indexed, deposited, and registered in various sources, repositories, and databases. More on this link. Our articles go through a double-blind review process. If you want to know how to publish with us, as well as the format and style guidelines of the journal, follow this link: GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS.

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News: Revista Publicando In Latindex Catalog (Methodology 2.0)


Yesterday, our Editorial Board received the news that Revista Publicando has been approved in Latindex – Catalog (Methodology 2.0). We want to extend our congratulations to readers, authors, reviewers, and editors who have participated (directly or indirectly) in this new achievement of Revista Publicando.

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Vol 7, No 24 (2020): April-May-June

Table of Contents


Iván Marcelo Suárez Guevara, Marlon Rubén Tinajero Jiménez, Ibett Mariela Jácome Lara
Diego P Ortega-Auquilla, Cynthia Hidalgo-Camacho, Paul Siguenza-Garzón, Sara Cherres-Fajardo
Celma da Conceição Santana Pembele, Yanara Dorado Santana, Celso Francisco Dala, António Baptista Calunga
Geovanna Natali Sellan Reinoso, Angie Dayana Villamar Gavilanes
Alisva Cárdenas-Pérez
Marco Iván Sánchez Peña
Tania Vera Rodríguez, Erika Yanina Zambrano Arias
Alexis David Ayala Jácome, Karolyn Stefania Almeida Peñaherrera, Iralda Eugenia Benavides Echeverría
Monica Narciza Orbea Peñafiel, Alexandra del Rocío Saquinga Yanchapanta
Rocío Guadalupe Sosa Peña, María Lyssette Mazó Quevedo, Fabiola Torres Méndez, Raquel Olivia de los Santos de Dios