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Revista Publicando

Revista Publicando is a space which aims to promote the work of teachers and professors from a transversal and multidisciplinary perspective. We attend to the needs and expectations of that sector in its various forms and manifestations.

The journal is aimed at researchers, teachers, and the public interested in understanding the educational phenomenon.

Revista Publicando has a quarterly frequency and is published at the beginning of each period (January, April, July, October).  More about the Publication Frecuency here.

We understand science produced from the public, of free access and contemporary approach. However, the educational sector in all its aspects is facing new problems and challenges today. To reflect these aspects we give space to all interested parties who want to disseminate their research and professional work in two significant areas of incidence. On the one hand, cultural and social studies; and on the other, the intersection between technology, information science, and data science.

Publicando and its articles are indexed, deposited and registered in various sources, repositories and databases with the purpose of promoting and giving greater visibility to its contents.


Revista Publicando



: Revista Publicando Signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)


In recent days, Revista Publicando decided to be part of the list of organizations, journals, and institutions signing the Declaration of San Francisco on the Evaluation of Research (DORA). Today we have received the good news that we are already included in the list of signatory organizations.

Among other things, this step brings our journal closer to the increasingly demanded standards worldwide and to combating injustices and biased analyzes, based only on quantitative criteria that only a few can access. We invite our readers to read or even sign the statement.


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: Revista Publicando: Renewal of its Editorial Board and New Actions


We remind you that on July 19, 2018, Professor Dr. Jorge González Alonso, director, and general editor, died in the city of Guayaquil, leaving behind a great dream and a scientific work reflected in all his research projects, writings, and papers.

In his 77 years of life, Dr. González Alonso was a tireless fighter in favor of free access to information and new technologies in the educational sector. This is seen in the more than 45 international projects undertaken at different levels in countries such as Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, United States, Spain, among others.

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