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Analysis of the thermal variation in the shock absorber of a light vehicle under working conditions of a regular period

Jaime Antamba Guasgua, Miguel Granja Paredes, Santiago Orozco Alarcón


This research, analyze the different types of dampers, such as, gas, hydraulic oil and mixed under identical operating conditions. These mechanisms help the vehicle to control its movement and greatly reduce its bounce. At present, there are several types of shock absorbers in the automotive market, whose principle is to control the movements of the suspension, the springs and / or springs. The movement of the suspension generates kinetic energy, which is converted into thermal or heat energy. The wheel has to follow the path, but the chassis has to be in control. If the wheel cannot be moved independently of the chassis, the vehicle loses grip, generating accident risks. The methodology establishes a baseline for the test vehicle and the change of shock absorbers for similar operating conditions, for a road test of asphalt pavement. Based in testing, the temperatures increase by 31%, 25% and 20%, with gas, hydraulic oil and mixed shock absorbers. Finally, the qualitative assessment and the results obtained, establish a lower thermal effect in the mixed shock absorbers.


shock absorbers, automotive market, suspension movement, thermal effect, mixed shock absorbers

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