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The effect of micro economic factors on cash flows of listed companies in Tehran stock market

Azin Kavehpour, Masoomeh Shojaee, Abu Torab Alirezaee


The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of the micro economic factors on cash flows of listed companies in Tehran stock market. In this research power of the market , adequacy of capital, provision of loan losses and credits of the mature and the age of banks, size of the bank were independent variables and their effect on cash flow of the banks was examined. Statistical population includes all the accepted companies in the Tehran stock market between 2009 to 2015.  The final sample is 113 banks (78 bank-years). Current research is correlational in term of method and nature. This research is also posted facto and semi0 experimental. This research is inductive in terms of methodology and this means librarian methodology, web sites, articles in the inductive framework and data collection was used in the review of related literature in order to confirm or reject the hypothesis in the induction framework. In this research panel data with fixed effects were used, data analysis using multi-variant regression with the confidence of 95% showed that power of market and adequacy of capital have a positive straight effect on the cash flow of banks. Result also indicates the provision of loan losses and credit of the previous maturity has a reverse (negative) effect on the cash flow o banks.


Power of bank market, microeconomics variables, cash flow of banks

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