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Qualifications of Legal Representation of the Judiciary

Shahriar Bagheri, Saeed Bigdeli, Najadi Ali Almasi


The contract of a lawyer is an agreement and, as a civil law contract, can be necessary or permissible, and the mere necessity or license cannot be the elements of the nature of the contract. With the unity of permission or necessity in both contracts, it cannot be said that their nature is one, But the necessity and permission are based on the social expediency that the agreement is permissible or necessary, the contract of the lawyer's office, in the same way as the civil and traditional lawyers, also has fundamental differences with it, and the attorney of the judiciary has the same independence in performing the lawyer's job in terms of the specialty of the profession and is, according to his own discretion, the client's representative. Perhaps despite the observance of the laws and regulations of the profession of lawyer and damage, taking into account the interests of the client in accordance with the law, he/she  does not understand the responsibility for the lawyer of the judiciary, and in this case, the office of the judiciary, in close proximity to some contracts, including contracts for the leasing of persons, contracts, and operating expenses, are of a separate nature and can have independent conditions and effects according to Article 10 of the Criminal Code.


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