The Study of Induced Demand Done CT scan Services in Imam Reza Hospital 2015

Ruhallah Cheraghi, Afshin Esfandnia, Husain Vaisi, Marya Parvaresh, Sajad Bahrami, Shaaban Moradi


Background: considering to importance of perform the CT scan in diagnosis and remedy process, be high the buy and keeping cost of its and be high its payment cost for patient and insurance organization. Aim: this research was done in order to study of induced demand done CT scan services in Imam Reza hospital in 2015. Materials and method: this research is a type of descriptive-sectional research. To collecting data, all the accomplished CT scan services separation by its type and member of CT scan for patients, extracted from HIS system of hospital in 2014. Finally the data analyzed by SPSS 20 statistical software and calculated the Chi-square test. Results: all the people who used the CT scan services during 2014 to 2015 was 9078 that most prescription of CT scan is related brain by a number of 3260. And least prescription was related to spinal member including (spine, hypo phis, gullet) by a number of zero. Total number of normal CT scan was 3805 case and total number of abnormal CT scan was 5273 cases.  Conclusion: to preventing from using this service verily, considering to it exceeding expense on both patient and insurance, commanded that identified the impressed factors of improper and incorrect use of this service, and trying to eliminate them by necessary training and present the replaced encourager to doctors and personnel of photography unit.


induced demand, CT scan, Imam Reza therapeutic and educational center.

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