The Effect of Concept Mapping as a Strategy for the Development of Cognitive Skills of Nursing Students

Saeedeh Keyvani Rad, Maryam Akbarilakeh


Introduction: The best strategies for learning, teaching and evaluation in nursing education are the methods that make the best communication between theoretical and clinical education. Conceptual maps are very effective learning tools because of features such as dynamism, attractiveness, adaptability, and adaptation to many educational issues. They are not linear and one-dimensional, as well as a multidimensional tool for data analysis, just like traditional care plans. Nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, evaluation criteria, and expected outcomes in an innovative way that are integrated within the charts in a fully integrated manner. Objectives: Considering the importance of learning cardiac dysrhythmias in the implementation of nursing process and the speed of changes in the health system, community needs and new expectations of nursing, as well as the lack of internal and external studies similar to this lesson, we came up with a study titled The study of the effect of conceptual mapping training on the development of cognitive skills in the course of cardiac rhythms in nursing students.


Nursing education, Conceptual map, Cardiac arrhythmia, Teaching by lecture method.

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