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A Comparative Study of the Resurrection in Islam and Zoroastrianism

Gholamhosein Arabi, Rahman Keshavarz


Since belief in the resurrection in the divine religions is considered as a genuine belief, addressing the issue of resurrection and comparing it in different religions is very important. This paper compares the resurrection in the two religions of Islam and Zoroastrians, their similarities and differences in subjects such as the time of resurrection, the way and place of rising from death, the duration of torment, physical resurrection, public assembling, the embodiment of the actions, the duration of resurrection, the test of fire or passing through the molten material, divine judgment, and Saoshyant with Dābā-al-Ardh in the Qur'an. It can be used both for believers to discriminate the right beliefs and for the researchers in the field of history, culture and sociology. In addition, it can be a positive step towards the approximation of the followers of religions and the unity of the human community.


Islam, Zoroastrians, Resurrection, Ghiamah

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