Armenians’ interaction and confrontation with Christians and Muslims

Bahador Mehraki, Abdolrasool Azimiyan


The main question addressed in this article is: How Gregorian Armenians have interacted with Muslims and Catholic Christians since their immigration to Iran? Have they coexisted peacefully with each other, or have they been in conflict? In the event of conflict, have they had more conflicts with Muslims or with Catholic Christians?

According to the findings of this article, since their immigration to Iran, Gregorian Armenians have often lived peacefully with Muslims and Catholic Christians, although they sometimes had conflicts with the followers of the two other religions due to religious differences. One of the instances of Armenian confrontation with Catholic Christians is the opposition to the propagation of Catholicism and the construction of the church. The confrontation between Muslims and Armenians can be traceable to ideological debates and opposition to the presence of Muslim girls and boys in mixed schools. One of the most important findings of this study is that although ideological differences of the Gregorian Armenians with Muslims and Catholic Christians sometimes led to conflict and struggle, the Armenians conflict with the Muslims was far less intense than their conflict with the Catholics.


Confrontation, Christians, Muslims

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