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Anthropogenic activity: risks and protection safety of human life

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Mikhail V., Lidiia M., Andrei V., Mihail V., Dmitrij K., & Ekaterina Yu. (2018). Anthropogenic activity: risks and protection safety of human life. Revista Publicando, 5(16 (1), 598-605. Recuperado a partir de


Abstract. The article substantiates the rational management of threats and risks associated with the development and application of nanotechnology. The article is based on an interdisciplinary approach with the leading role of socio-humanitarian disciplines, taking into account the complex nature and polysubjectiveness of social and humanitarian expertise. The result of the research work has been the formed concept of ensuring human life safety in a risk situation. Application of the research results is possible with the solution of the tension associated with technological threats and capabilities of the nanotechnologies control which necessarily requires the management of nanosafety. The conditions for ensuring the safety of anthropogenic activity have been specified, and an algorithm and an activity tool for relatively unpredictable objects have been developed.



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