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A Study of the Relationship between Knowledge Exchange and the Insurance and Financial Performance of Iran Insurance agencies in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province

Jasimeh Salehi, Ahmad Alamdari


The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between knowledge sharing and financial performance of Iran Insurance agencies in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. This is an applied research in terms of purpose, a descriptive-correlational research in terms of nature and method, and a cross-sectional research in terms of time. The study population consists of the Iran Insurance Agency Personnel in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province in 2016 with a total number of 110 employees, among whom 92 employees were selected as the sample size using Morgan Table. The non-random (convenience) sampling method was used in this research. The data collection tool used in this study was a questionnaire, the validity and reliability of which were confirmed in a preliminary study. Descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as the mean, standard deviation, median, mode, Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression have been used for data analysis. The data were analyzed using the SPSS software. The results of the research showed that all dimensions of knowledge exchange (knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, knowledge use and knowledge storage) have a significant relationship with financial and insurance performance of Iran Insurance agencies in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province. The regression analysis also showed that knowledge storage has the highest role in financial and insurance performance of Iran Insurance agencies in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province with a beta of 0.408 and 0.476.


financial performance, insurance performance, knowledge exchange, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, knowledge use, knowledge storage

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