Supervision of The Financial Service Authority of Sharia Compliance as The Protection of Depositors

Sri Astutik


One of the important roles of Sharia Bank is as a community funding agency. To maintain public trust, and protect customers, it is necessary to supervision. Supervision conducted by the Financial Service Outhority one of which is the supervision of compliance with prevailing regulations, namely compliance with sharia principles, as set forth in Article 2 of Law, number 10 of 2008 concerning Sharia Banking, that “Sharia banking in conducting its business activities based on sharia principles”.  On the one Sharia bank demands of customers, but on the other hand Sharia bank are tied to Sharia compliance. The difference of principle between sharia bank and conventional bank, of course there are fundamental difference in supervision system of activity of sharia bank.


Supervision, Sharia Compliance, Protection, Depositors

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