Beneficial Ownership in Dealings Involving Property Under the Malaysian Torrens System

Safinaz Mohd Hussein, Mazliza Mohamad, Siti Noorafizah Azizan, Khalidah Mohd Dahlan


Ownership of property is an important important concept in any commercial transaction.  Ownership is different from mere possession. Property law further differentiates legal and equitable or beneficial ownership. Due to its history, Malaysia received into its legal system the English common law and equity. However, the Malaysian land law is based on the Torrens system which is different from the English property law. The concept of beneficial ownership in property matters are often thought to be in conflict with the codified system of land law in Malaysia. Dealings in land particularly the purchase of property has often seen the conflict between the application of equity and express provisions of the law. This paper looks at the origin of equity and its reception into the Malaysian legal system and discusses the trust concept in relation to purchase of property.


Equity, beneficial ownership, land law, bare trust

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