Optimization of Money Waqf Management in Indonesia Through the Establishment of Waqf Bank

Nun Harrieti, Lastuti Abubakar


Waqf is one of the scopes of sharia economy that has great potential in the people prosperity. Waqf properties are not limited to immovable objects but also include movable objects including money, as mentioned in Law no. 41 Year 2004 About Waqf. Indonesia has tremendous potential in the management and utilization of waqf properties given the large market share because the majority of Indonesian people are Moslem and also at this time there has been a globalization of the financial services sector that allows the flow of funds across borders. Currently the management of waqf in Indonesia is considered not optimal yet, so that the idea to form a waqf bank in Indonesia was arose. This research was conducted by using normative juridical method with analytical descriptive approach. Optimization of money waqf management in Indonesia through the establishment of waqf bank is to optimize the social function of sharia financial institutions, so that syaria financial institutions are not only given the authority to receive the money waqf but also given the authority to manage the money waqf, so that the usage of money waqf funds can be directly managed by syaria financial institutions through its business activities.


Money waqf, ∙Waqf bank ∙Syaria financial institution

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