Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Negotiations: A Study between Malaysian and Brazilian

Azudin Norizzati, Wan Hussin, Wan Sabri


The term ‘cross-cultural’ emerged in the social sciences in the 1930s, largely as a result of the Cross-Cultural Survey undertaken by George Peter Murdock, a Yale anthropologist. Johnson (2006) proposed a definition of cross-cultural as it applies to international business and develop a model for understanding how cross-cultural is nurtured in individuals, linking his definition to the concept of cultural intelligence. Understanding culture without taking communicating into consideration is not complete. Culture is the structure through which the communication is formulated and interpreted (Chaney, 2007). By understanding cultures and communication in international business, entrepreneurs are equipped to face the challenges communicating with others from different backgrounds. This paper will reveal the literature of cross-cultural communication and international business negotiations with a qualitative methodology used through observations and interviews with the Malaysian business negotiators with the Brazilians in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This paper findings are the cross-cultural communication types appeared during the business negotiations between these two groups.


Cross-Cultural Communication, Business Negotiations, Malaysia, Brazil

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