Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) In Indonesia Sharia Banking Through the Assistance of Small and Medium Enterprises

Helza Nova Lita, Tarsisius Murwadji


The Islamic concept of banking adopted in the provisions of the Sharia Banking Act is a balanced business combination, not also for achieving financial benefits, but also includes social activities from various perspectives according to the needs of the community. This concept is a business value that is fundamental to the achievement of the welfare of society which has been widely applied in modern business management especially in companies that have achieved progress at international level. This article discusses the application of the concept of CSR in Sharia banking through sustainable economic empowerment to improve the independence of small and medium economic enterprises. The approach method used is normative juridical conducted with analytical descriptive research specification. It needs innovation in applying the concept of CSR in sharia banking through coaching, mentoring and training, and implementing syariah principles in every business financing cooperation.


CSR, Sharia Banking

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