Evaluating the Prevalence of Clinical and Paraclinical Findings in Hospitalized Children with The Disseminated Infection Caused by BCG Vaccine in The Pediatric Ward of Ali Ibn Abi Talib Hospital

Gholamreza Soleimani, Farnoosh Hosseini Shahidi


Introduction and objective: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease with global spread and BCG vaccine is the only vaccine available against this disease. The disseminated infection caused by the BCG vaccine is a rare, but dangerous complication of this vaccine. This study was conducted with the aim of evaluating the prevalence of clinical and paraclinical findings in hospitalized children with the disseminated infection caused by BCG vaccine in the pediatric ward of Ali ibn Abi Talib Hospital in 2015. Materials and methods: In this descriptive study, the files of all children who were hospitalized in the pediatric ward of Ali ibn Abi Talib Hospital in Zahedan with the diagnosis of the disseminated infection caused by the BCG vaccine during the years 2011-2015 were selected as census and they were examined. Six files were excluded from the study due to a lack of information. Information about the clinical and laboratory findings of the patients was extracted from the files. Descriptive information was displayed using SPSS ver.21 software. Findings: The files of 27 children were studied in this study; 16 children (59.3%) were boys and 11 children (40.7%) were girls. The most common clinical findings included fever in 23 patients (85.2%), lymphadenopathy in 20 patients (74.1%), weight loss in 15 patients (55.6%), hepatomegaly in 4 patients (14.8%), and splenomegaly in 4 patients (14.8%). The most common hematological findings were anemia and leukocytosis. Discussion and Conclusion: According to the results of this study, the diagnosis of the disseminated infection caused by BCG vaccine should be considered in all newborns and children with fever, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, any abnormal hematologic or radiological findings, and the history of BCG vaccine inoculation.


BCG vaccine, Tuberculosis, Children

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