Theoretic and methodological aspects of state system functioning for industrial production export support

Z.K. Radzhabova, O.R. Radzhabov, Osmanov M.M., Djambulatov I.Z., Aliev M.A, Medzhidova A.M., A.O. Radjabovа


The article deals with the theoretical and methodological aspects of state system functioning for industrial product export support. In the work the authors justify that international trade is the most important form of international economic relations. They clarified the reasons and the expediency of trade relations establishment between different countries. As was shown in the article, the structure of world trade has changed significantly in recent years. These changes are greatly influenced by NTP, which in its turn causes the deepening of the international division of labor and the strengthening of international trade. In the context of growing globalization and taking into account the fact that Russia is the part of the WTO, the study of the national economy competitiveness state and the development of the ways to enhance Russia international competitiveness on this basis is especially important. Nowadays, export-import operations are a key element of the country long-term strategy, which is aimed at industrial production task modernization solution and economy restructuring. Drawing on international experience, Russia should develop a system of measures of state support for exports, taking into account national characteristics. The results of the research allow us to place the emphasis in the evaluation of international trade and the support from state structure further expansion.


international trade, integration, modernization, diversification, export, competitiveness, world economy

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