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Journal History

March 2019 - Now

As of March 1, 2019, Revista Publicando becomes an academic and scientific publication of Revista Publicando INC. and, Educational Corporation – SER, of the Republic of Ecuador.

A new direction is constituted, with a new Editorial Board.

• We intend to increase the presence of Revista Publicando in the circuit of scientific publications, outline its object of study and give fulfillment to its fundamental objectives.

• Besides, we have established a long-term publication schedule and will try to increase our presence in online repositories, as well as strengthen cooperation ties with new academic journals in Ecuador, Latin America, and the World.

Editorial Board

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July 2018-March 2019

July 2018 - March 2019 - Editorial Board composed of former members of Revista Publicando - RML Consultores.

July 2018 - Death of the General Editor, director and founder of Revista Publicando, Dr. Jorge González Alonso.

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First Issue, November 2014.

Quarterly frequency. Special Issues may be added in each quarter and, if necessary, separate fascicles will be published according to the sections created in the Journal.